Saturday, December 18, 2010

Play cashflow on your computer

There is a game called cashflow that teaches you how to get out of the rat race.  It uses real world situations to improve your financial literacy.  I have played it before and it works.  You can play it online with out buying the game however it is fun to have some friends over and play it at your kitchen table.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

With out a doubt the most comprehensive wealth building educational material comes from the Rich Dad series.  There is one book in particular called Rich Dad Poor Dad that is a very simple read that compares two dads and the level of wealth and dept that they both attained over a life time.  That is the very first book I read from cover to cover and it made complete sense.  I highly recommend checking it out.

Rich Dad Education

Where the economy is going??????????????....!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is happening now in our economy is scary.  If you have been awake for the past 10 years you have seen a housing melt down, credit crisis, politicians spending tax payers money by the trillions digging us deeper in debt.  What is going on is ludicrous.  I have found a guy that can explain what is happening far better than I can so what I am going to do is back off and let him explain.

Watch this movie clip

Getting started

First I want to say that I was not brought up as a rich kid with a lot of money, not even close.  Everything I learned was from finding someone who seemed to know more about money or being wealthy than I did and picking their brain.  Over the years I have been able to gain a sense of independence from the rat race.  If you don't know what the rat race is then you BETTER stay tuned to this blog because you are definitely in it.

I will be introducing you to some tools, techniques and procedures that have worked for me and hopefully work for you.  As you will see, what worked for me doesn't necessarily work for you because things change over time, more specifically things such as lending. ...but that is a whole nother topic.

Stay tuned as I publish further infomation on the abc's of money.